Purchase the Learner's Prep Kit App from the Apple App and Google Play Stores and
study for Alberta's learner's test on your smart phone or tablet!
Just $9.99 - the same cost as the two lattes you will drink while studying!

The app is developed to make concepts easier to LEARN, STORE in memory, and SEPARATE
what you know from what you need to learn. Available for:

In addition to a condensed format for ease of learning, the Prep Kit App includes:

  • Study Tips
  • Graphics and video links
  • Colour-coded sections
  • Definitions and explanations of unfamiliar terms

Learner's Prep Kits are also available in the original
paper flash card format:


Learner's Prep Kits can be purchased at most Registries in the province, If you prefer a flash card format instead of an app.

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Instruction Permit Prep Kits can be purchased in both French and English, at all Access PEI locations.

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British Columbia

Passing Zone Learner’s and Canadian Citizenship Prep Flash Card Kits are available through AMSSA and participating newcomer associations across British Columbia

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Northwest Territories

Passing Zone Learner’s Prep Flash Card Kits can be purchased at all Issuing Offices in the Territories.

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Why Use The Learner’s Prep Kit App?
Why Use The Learner’s Prep Kit App?
Many students (and individuals for whom English is...